Dont worry I'm not about to break into a grease sing-along!

So you want to know more?

Well I'm Polly, and how do you do?

Ive been making and selling jewelry by POG for about 5 years now! Across 2 cities! It started out at home in Doncaster, but has now moved all the way to York and now Huddersfield, to spread its lovleyness around! It seems a long time, and the brand has grown and the products have changed a lot in that time! I feel that the things i make change with me, i started out making lego brick earrings and rubix cube necklaces, because at that time i wore a ridiculous array of bright colours, but now a days its more grown up in every way, from the design, the materials used, and even you, the customers!

I mostly sell my products on here, but try to stand at vintage fashion fairs when i can, so look out for me!

I like tea and i LOVE cake! I'd love to hear from you, and your thoughts on tea and cake, so get in contact via the 'contact' section of the site.

oh, and the name POG?? Everybody asks, but its just a nickname that my family call me, nothing more, nothing less, and i think its kinda nice :)

Lots of Love,